She Hate Me Review

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After whistle-blowing on his crooked employers, thrusting executive Jack Armstrong (Mackie) is out of work and tempted by his lesbian ex-fiancée’s offer of cash to impregnate both her and her lover. Soon he’s in the baby-making business, a compromising en


Spike Lee has attracted one of his eclectic ensembles — Jim Brown, Q-Tip, Woody Harrelson, with Bellucci as one of the protagonist’s glamorous clientele — for an ambitious, offbeat comedy-drama that sets out to be a blistering attack on the greed and irresponsibility of corporate culture. With hot lesbian action.

The business intrigue, in which Harrelson and Barkin are financial malfeasants pushing a flawed AIDS vaccine, is one thing. Unaware they’re setting him up for a “hi-tech lynching”, Jack (Mackie) visits his family, bringing in another strand of responsibility issues. And then broody sapphists turn up on his doorstep with lots of rich, ovulating buddies clamouring for his “man milk”.

The far-fetched, contentious sex comedy affords some rude, crude laughs as well as couplings high in the top ten of male fantasies least likely to be realised. The seed-dispersing is too much, and never fits as neatly as conceived (ouch) into the big socio-political sermon in Jack’s wannabe Capra-esque courtroom climax (eeww), but does allow comic complications like John Turturro’s panto Mafia don.

Attractively cast and at times amusing, but it’s undermined by a plot that doesn’t make sense and plays like three-and-a-half genre movies fighting for screentime in one overlong one.