Hard To Kill Review

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Tough-nut cop Mason Storm is left in a coma after intruders burst in with guns, killing his wife and thinking they're disposed of Mason and his son too. When he wakes up several years later he falls in love with his nurse he tracks down his son and goes after revenge.


After getting repeatedly shot by some mean and nasty assassins, muscular Mason Storm (Seagal) doesn’t die, he just lapses into a coma. He’s a seemingly indestructible cop with a mission to get all the bad guys in LA, in between practising some nifty karate and doing some horizontal dancing with nurse Kelly Le Brock (Seagal’s real-life wife).

Anything else about the plot is purely incidental, with Seagal prancing about, flexing his pecs and delivering the mumbling dialogue with the panache of Mickey Rourke.

One for fans only.