In Your Hands Review

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Anna is a female priest in a woman's prison. There she meets Kate, an inmate who can perform miracles. Both women have secrets, and hidden conflicts.


This Danish drama is the final homegrown outing in the 35-film series made under the banner of Dogme95. It's a worthy swansong for a bold enterprise, as it not only tackles the subject of women priests, but also the extremes of female behaviour, from miracle worker to murderer.

Reining in the directorial flourishes that have in the past besmirched the Dogme movement's reputation, Olesen opts for an uncomplicated realism that makes both prison chaplain Jorgensen's struggle for acceptance and new inmate Dyrholm's mystical powers all the more credible. Some of the characters are straight out of Cell Block H, but Kopernikus' lovesick warden is a novel variation, while Jorgensen's dilemma over her longed-for pregnancy neatly reinforces the central theme of the role of religion in real life.

Olesen's uncomplicated, realistic tone makes what could have been hammy contrivances seem all the more credible.