Halloween: Resurrection Review

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After murdering his sister, Michael Myers returns to his childhood home where he ends up killing a bunch of child wannabe net-stars.


Halloween H20 ignored earlier dud sequels, bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis and some quality. Early in this eighth Halloween episode, we learn that Michael wasn't decapitated last time, after all. Then long-suffering Laurie finally gets killed - though that's never stopped her brother showing up in the next film, so Curtis might not be as free of the series as she thinks...

So short in imagination is this, that Busta Rhymes takes on LL Cool J's H20 role of token rapper who has it in his contract that he a) doesn't get killed and b) kicks psycho ass.

As webcam-wearing showoffs are slaughtered by the boy who 'picked up a knife when he was six years old and never put it down', heroine Bianca Kajlich gets txt msg advice from net-nerd Sean Patrick Thomas. It ends, but only provisionally.

Check My Little Eye to see how this can, and should, be done.

Weakly staged by Rick Rosenthal and indifferently acted by talentless nobodies, this is a step backwards from H20, Perhaps it's time to put Michael out of his misery?