A Guy Thing Review

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After his stag do, Paul is horrified when he awakes in bed with dancer Becky (Stiles). With no recollection of the evening, a bout of crabs convinces him the inevitable took place, and when he discovers the dancer is his fiancee's cousin his discomfort intensifies...


By bringing together Jason Lee and Julia Stiles, long since two of Hollywood's best-kept secrets, the casting proves the most desirable aspect of this otherwise transparent rom-com.

In past films (notably in the work of directors Kevin Smith and Cameron Crowe), Lee has established himself as a sturdy supporting player who blends into the background like a wry chameleon. Meanwhile, Stiles seemed to be developing a Shakespeare complex in Hamlet, O and 10 Things I Hate About You.

Both put in resolute performances here, but a dire plot leaves little to salvage other than their dignity. The rest of the cast are merely bit part players, with Paul's fiancee (Blair) particularly neglected: thus one of the movie's key relationships seems barely credible.

It's as if screenplay co-writer Glienna dug out a raw draft of his earlier and more successful movie Meet The Parents, but was unable to add any originality - or gags.

At times this comes on like a Bringing Up Baby for the MTV generation and as such Lee copes well. Though it's hard to imagine even Cary Grant scratching his way through a running gag about pubic lice.