Gun Crazy Review

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When gun-toting Bart gets out of the army his friends take him to a carnival where he hooks up with sharp-shooter Annie Laurie Starr. They wind up on a cross-country crime spree with inevitable consequences.


Graham Greene once suggested that the perfect film showed life as it’s lived. On this premise, José Luis Guerin’s reworking of his 2007 featurette has produced a masterly treatise on insular existence in an age of voyeurism and surveillance.

Were it not for his Renaissance-Romantic beauty and his constant sketching, Xavier Lafitte’s Él would cut a sinister figure observing women drinking in a Strasbourg café, then following Ella (Pilar López de Ayala) along its winding streets. However, Guerin makes ingenious use of planes and perspectives to reinforce Lafitte’s credentials, and brings an everyday artistry to this near-silent docu-romance.

Darker and more subtly complex than you'd expect from a 1950s crime caper.