Gulliver's Travels Review

Image for Gulliver's Travels

An adaptation of the Jonathan Swift classic, travel writer Gulliver (Jack Black) attempts a trip to Bermuda, but instead ends up in Lilliput, where he finds himself at the mercy of many tiny hands.


Jack Black is a big man in a small town in this comedy that’s very loosely based on Jonathan Swift’s novel. Newspaper mailroom guy Gulliver blags a Bermuda Triangle investigation to impress travel editor Darcy Silverman (Amanda Peet). He ends up in Lilliput, where the citizens are the size of his finger, and include King Billy Connolly, General Chris O’Dowd and Princess Emily Blunt. Managing to bring both heart and humour to her performance, Blunt is the unexpected star of the show, while Jason Segel makes a surprisingly good English-accented suitor. Black’s slacker schtick feels tired, though, and the few laughs aren’t enough to compensate for the script holes and general butchering of Swift’s satire.

A low-grade comedy that'll have Jonathan Swift turning in his grave.