The Guilt Trip Review

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When bossy Jewish mom, Joyce (Streisand), and her chemist son, Andrew (Rogen), embark on a road trip to sell his new eco-cleaning product, the two quickly find their patience wearing thin.


Barbra Streisand has proved beyond doubt that she can not only act but has an innate talent for comedy. Her double act with Dustin Hoffman was the best thing about Meet The Fockers by a country mile. And the same could be said about her performance here. But that wouldn’t be saying much. As the classic Jewish mother from hell, thrown into a cross-country road trip with her schlubby inventor son (Seth Rogen), it’s another chance for her to goose her diva image, and one she accepts with relish. Unfortunately, she’s way better than the material and, with Rogen as an uncomfortable straight man, what might have been a guilty pleasure is less of a trip than a chore.

Crazy, Stupid, Love writer Dan Fogelman can't rebottle lightning with a humdrum comedy that doesn't play to its stars strengths.