Grown Ups Review

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After their high school basketball coach dies, five friends hightail it to the country for a Fourth of July weekend of relaxation and nostalgia.


The comedy version of The Expendables, Grown Ups scoops up every inexplicably popular middle-aged US funnyman possible and drops them in an isolated lake house, to excruciating effect. Gasp as Rob Schneider repeatedly makes out with an ugly old woman! Boo as Chris Rock repeatedly gets pussywhipped! Cheer as Kevin James repeatedly urinates in public swimming areas! The blame for this parched desert of laughter lies at the expensive sneakers of Adam Sandler, who’s clearly learned nothing from Funny People. It’s smug twaddle with the laziest script of the summer (one ‘set-piece’ consists of James rope-swinging into a tree… that’s it), so naturally it’s already made $240 million worldwide.

Smug and lazy comedy that barely raises a chuckle.