Grounded: Unaccompanied Minors Review

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A group of unaccompanied American children are restricted to the the children's area of a US airport when they 're snowed in over christmas...but they don't plan to be captive long.


It’s Home Alone meets Planes, Trains And Automobiles as a group of unaccompanied minors (the film’s US title) are stranded in an airport on Christmas Eve. Our troublemaker protagonists escape from the kids’ area and rampage around the airport, only to be caught before repeating ad nauseam. It’s a horrendous plot, but hangs together thanks to some surprisingly good performances from the kids.

The standout is Tyler James Williams, star of Everybody Hates Chris and surely the next Will Smith, whose unselfconsciously nerdy charm is something to behold. The end product is still irritating, but there are moments here that achieve festive classic status.

Great performances from the young cast just can’t make up for the overly familiar plot and pre-teen excesses of the action.