Groove Review

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Two hundred San Franciscans converge on a warehouse for an illegal rave. David (Linklater) is invited by his brother Colin, who will be proposing to his girlfriend Harmony (Firgens). E's a dropped, revelations occur, and David meets Leyla (Gaudini). Life changing twelve hours, yada yada yada...


Just what the world was waiting for: America's first rave film. You might have thought that warehouse parties went out with smiley faces and 808 State, but over in San Francisco they are apparently all the rage (yeah, right).

This film follows promoters and clubbers as they come together - and have it large - for an illegal rave. This might wash in the good ol' US of A, but over here in Blighty, we know a thing or two about clubbing. Human Traffic may have been scruffy, but at least the filmmakers showed some understanding of the subject.

It's not about college students in wacky clothes or altruistic promoters or superstar DJ's, and it's not about 'discovering yourself'; it's about washing the scum of a working week away, whatever it takes.

Dance culture as a Coke ad. Utter bollocks.