The Grand Seduction Review

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When the mayor of a small Newfoundland port (Gleeson) discovers that the local economy depends on finding a permanent doctor quickly, he sets about duping Paul Lewis (Kitsch), a doctor sent to the town as punishment, into staying much longer than he'd planned.


This unnecessary remake of the 2003 French-Canadian comedy Seducing Dr. Lewis stars Taylor Kitsch as a hip young doctor who’s press-ganged into working temporarily in a small Canadian harbour town. Unemployed local Murray (Brendan Gleeson) constructs an elaborate plan to keep him there, given that a doctor is required for a local factory to be opened. There are a few laughs as the townsfolk band together to convince the Doc it’s his dream home — including feigning an interest in cricket — but it’s all very predictable and laboured, with a horribly misjudged opening sequence featuring, of all things, sex noises.

Like a reheated fish dinner, this idea tasted better first time around.