Gozu Review

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Reluctant hero Minami is a Yakuza charged with executing his yakuza friend Ozaki (Aikawa). After Minami accidentally completes his task, Okazi's body disappears, prompting a journey to recover it that's punctured by Miike's trademark weirdness.


If Ichi The Killer stressed the extreme nature of Takashi Miike's cinematic sensibility, Gozu hammers it home - with a blood-spattered mallet. Miike splices the yakuza genre with horror, and the result is a narrative as hard to decipher as hieroglyphics - a bizarre blend of a skewed Oedipal complex, homosexuality, misogyny and, in particular, a dislike of childbirth.

Thankfully, the twisted tale is tempered by Miike's vivid backdrop, the highlight being the death of Minami's yakuza boss, involving a ladle inserted somewhere dark and unpleasant.

In its effort to be extreme at every turn, it's not too concerned with things like 'plot' or 'making sense'. It is nonetheless, good, dirty fun.

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