Gossip Review

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Student Derrick (X-Men's Marsden) spots the beautiful and very, very drunk Naomi (Hudson) - famous for refusing to have sex - snogging her boyfriend, Beau (Jackson), at a party, and as an 'experiment', suggests to his pals that they spread the 'news' that the pair slept together. Soon it's the hottest gossip on campus, and Naomi (who can't remember what went on) accuses Beau of rape.


Proof that a clever premise and a hot cast (including Dawson's Creek's Jackson, albeit for only five minutes) do not necessarily add up to a great movie.

Who knows what went on in the world of script re-writes and reshoots on this one, but beyond the point of the rape accusation, the film goes horribly pear-shaped, as preposterous twists and motives turn a potentially gripping and thought-provoking movie into an utterly daft one. Decent turns from Eric Bogosian and Edward James Olmos will only get you so far. Jackson had the best idea when he stayed at home for most of the production.

A huge wasted opportunity to the point where this could perhaps be rewritten (at least it's second half) and remade.