The Good Lie Review

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Three survivors of the Sudanese Civil War (Oceng, Duany and Jal) win the lottery to move to America. There, well-intentioned, steely migration agent Carrie Davis (Witherspoon) is a likely route to a better life. But can she help them adjust to life in Kansas?


Sudanese refugees struggle to adjust to American culture in this big-hearted drama inspired by the fate of the ‘Lost Boys Of Sudan’. Gruelling opening scenes show the children escaping militia who killed their parents, before undertaking the long hike to a refugee camp. When their names are picked in a lottery, three of them end up in Kansas. Reese Witherspoon is terrific as the busy, determined employment agent assigned to help them get work, but the true focus is the refugees, who bring both humour and pathos as they attempt to move on. It’s heavy-handed but touching.

Hardly the last word in subtlety but a moving true-life story nonetheless.