Good Burger Review

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Dexter (Thompson) inadvertently runs his teacher (Sinbad) off the road and has to pay for teach's extensive car repairs. He finds himself a home at Good Burger, where he quickly becomes pals with the rather dense Ed (Mitchell) who lives, eats, sleeps and, indeed, dreams burgers. However, the future of Good Burger is threatened with the opening across the road of the all devouring, monolithic Mondo Burger. Yup, that's it.


"Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order please?" From such little acorns, cinematic oak trees apparently grow, for that single line made up the majority of a sketch on Nickelodeon's popular TV kids show All That, featuring teen comics Kenan And Kel. The sketch - or indeed line - proved such a success that someone decided to spin it off into a movie all its own. Witness the results and weep.

Will Good Burger go under? Will Mondo set out to steal their rivals' secret sauce recipe? Will there be anyone left in the cinema to notice? A valid point this last one because when this movie was screened to a selection of 15 hardened filmic hacks, a record total of nine walked out. Kenan and Kel lack anything approaching comic talent or even charm.

Whatever it is they do so successfully on TV clearly fails to translate to the big screen, particularly when saddled with a script that does no one any favours. Sinbad, as an Afro-heavy 70s throwback, does his best to elevate things, but this stodge is beyond help. It's hard to imagine even its kiddie target audience asking for more of this burger.