Goldfish Memory Review

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A light-hearted look at the dangers and delights of dating in contemporary Dublin where, as we follow a straight / gay mixed group fumbling about.


Although this genial reworking of La Ronde features a capable cast, its standout star is Dublin, with cinematographer Ken Byrne lavishing light on the local landmarks and various tasteful interiors in which a loosely-linked collection of singles search for love or the next quick fumble.

Writer/director Liz Gill sketches her characters with efficiency and shrewdly keeps the scenes as brief as the romantic encounters. Thus, we're never allowed to dwell on the contrivances that see gays and straights bed-hopping their way to inevitable commitment.

Sean Campion amuses as the college lecturer whose students no longer fall for his chat-up lines, while Flora Montgomery provides the emotional core as the lesbian tired of the dating game. Wholly predictable, but surprisingly enjoyable.

An amicable fling in the short term, but it's not 'the one'.