Godzilla (Gojira) Review

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When several of Japan's naval ships are destroyed, Professor Kyohei Yemani investigates, along with his daughter and a navy frogman. They soon discover what the islanders refer to as 'Gojira' - a 150 foot tall dinosaur from the ocean depths. And now it's come to land to wreak hacov of megaton proportions.


Before the series rebuilt him as a brawling atomic lager-lout, Godzilla bubbled out of the ocean as a stark, depersonalised horror. All animal. And all analogy. With the after-pulse of Hiroshima still pounding, the movie’s behemoth-as-bomb parallel is all the more apparent in this original, previously unseen cut.Director Ishirô Honda was an understudy to Akira Kurosawa, and qualities have been handed down from the films of his old friend: sturdy acting, a ripe sense of melodrama, a thumping, doomy aura... Fierce anti-nuke messages blaring from the panic klaxons, what emerges is a serious monster movie with a strong sense of mass hysteria. Plus a bloke in an uncomfortable-looking suit swatting at missiles like a pucker-arsed T-Rex doing the YMCA.

Not nearly as stupid as you might think.