God Help The Girl Review

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Eve (Browning), a depressed woman with dreams of forming a band, skips out of hospital and sets about making her dream come true. Along for the ride are guitarist James (Alexander) and Cassie (Murray), a talented singer.


The Kickstarted brainchild of Belle & Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch, this sunny, Scottish-set musical is Sunshine On Leith for skinny-jeaned hipsters. Songwriting depressive Eve (Emily Browning with a bob) hooks up with geeky guitarist James (Olly Alexander) and English rose Cass (Hannah Murray) to form a band and do the stuff bands do: canoe, frolic in a park, argue over a name, fall for each other and yearn for Radcliffe and Maconie to play their “cassettes”. It’s naive, meandering and amateurish but it gets by on warmth, moments of real joy (a gig in an OAP home) and a genuine sincerity and affection for its supersensitive teens.

As Marmite-y as Stuart Murdoch's music, you'll find it either winningly charming or irritatingly fey. Either way, its warmth shines through.