Glastonbury The Movie: In Flashback Review

Image for Glastonbury The Movie: In Flashback

Revisiting the rocking fields of Somerset for a second time, Robin Mahoney’s re-edited 1993 documentary shows the highs and ever-bigger-highs in their full widescreen glory.


Glastonbury is a Mecca of myriad delights and Robin Mahoney’s window into its magic via three days — and nights — in 1993 allows us to explore those Technicolor fields, as it follows revellers, vendors and performers as they morph into psychedelic hippies. That year saw the last ‘old school’ Glasto, and this re-edited version of the original 1993 film often feels dated; the hedonism (“It’s all about freedom of behaviour!”) still exists, but the narrative of the festival has changed somewhat. Still, hearing The Orb full-throttle in a cinema is novel.

Often gripping, sometimes dated and occasionally dazzling (hello Spiritualised), it's the most Glasto fun you can have without packing your wellies.