GI Blues Review

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Dreaming of running his own nightclub whilst stationed in Germany, GI Tulsa bets his pal Dynamite that he can't woo hard-to-get nightclub songstress Lili. But when Dynamite is transferred, Tulsa has to begrudgingly take his place or loose his dough.


This movie, made to monopolise on the publicity attendant upon Elvis' two-year hitch in the army, marks the settling into the rut that blighted the rest of his screen career.

Elvis is a humble Gl in picturesque, colourful Germany, and he has to sing to make ends meet and sort out his problems. His main problem is getting off with prim, demure, down-to-earth Juliet Prowse and avoiding the temptation of wild, sexy, uninhibited Leticia Roman.

Along the way, he gets into a fight with bullies, pals around with a cute German baby who ought to be killed, and sings one terrific, classic number (Gl Blues) while swiveling his hips, but is forced to do nearly a dozen forgettable pieces of fluff (Wooden Heart, Pocketful Of Rainbows) as he goes.

Mildly enjoyable in a formulaic sorta way.