The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past Review

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Connor Mead is an absolute cad who doesn’t just two-time ladies; he four-times them. But when he goes to a weekend retreat for a family wedding, he runs into Jenny – the one that got away, and now the one who wants to cut off his unmentionables. A sleazy


Matthew McConaughey does Dickens — kind of — in this Christmas Carol rehash. He’s photographer Connor, who’s eyeing up the bridesmaids and slugging Scotch at his brother’s wedding. The party’s interrupted by Connor’s playboy uncle Wayne (Michael Douglas), back from the dead to warn his protégé about his lonely lifestyle, with help from flashbacks to Connor’s misspent youth. Can Connor repent and win over his childhood sweetheart (Jennifer Garner)? The teen scenes have appeal, offset by Douglas’ enjoyable rotter, but McConaughey, all charmless sleaze and corny chat-up lines, is neither funny nor ripe for redemption.

Some winsome moments, but this redemption tale is largely irredeemable.