Ghosted Review

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Long serving lag Jack (John Lynch) takes prison newcomer Paul (Martin Compston) in hand. Lying in wait, though, is the wing psycho (Craig Parkinson)...


This month’s other Brit prison pic — see Screwed, right — takes the inmates’ point of view, but still can’t come up with something fresh. Old hand Jack (John Lynch), takes young arsonist Paul (Martin Compston) under his wing, keeping him from the clutches of the wing psycho (Craig Parkinson). This has all the clichés plus such familiar tropes as shower buggery, screws more corrupt than the inmates, factions in the prison yard, the inmate as sensitive artist and quiet conversations between cell mates about what they are in for. It’s a good cast — Art Malik (also exec producer) registers in his few scenes as a philophising lag — but the last-reel revelations feel forced, and writer-director Craig Vivieros never finds the insight to make it compelling.

A porridge of prison movie clichés. A strong cast but nothing we haven't seen before.