Ghost In The Machine Review

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In a freak thunderstorm, the ghost of a dead serial killer inhabits a hospital's computer giving it access to the electrical grid all over town. The ghost then uses computers and household devices to carry on killing, chasing down one family in particular.


When a hospital is struck by lightning, the spirit of a computer hacker-cum-serial killer is sucked into the information network and uses computer systems and household gadgets to persecute single mom Karen Allen, killing off everyone in her address book then finally going after her. Allen is bright as the harassed heroine, but this is stuck with a silly basic idea and a climax that tries to duplicate Terminator 2 on a ten cent budget. Warning: do not confuse with the similarly titled Manga classic ‘Ghost in the Shell’ or you will be bitterly disappointed.

Although the film has a ridiculous premise that's no reason for it not to work, sadly the direction it is taken in, it's poor acting, character development and shoddy action sequences are though. Allen stands out as a spunky heroine but she's the best thing in it.