Why Did I Get Married Too? Review

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Reunited for a vacation in the Bahamas, four couples find their downtime disrupted by the reappearance of an ex-husband.


Don’t be disturbed if you missed 2007’s Why Did I Get Married; this is not the sort of sequel where in-depth knowledge of the original is vital. In Tyler Perry’s latest domestic comedy/drama/melodrama, four couples (and a spare) find their relationships facing crises after a weekend in a beach house. The set-up is fine; it’s the screeching and over-reactions that are harder for a British audience to take. The tendency of the females to freak out and prompt their men to philosophical “Well, bitches be crazy” musings feels lazy and patronising — a shame, because Perry is a charming presence and a likable lead.

Sometimes shrill, always uneven, the musings on relationships are salvaged by the charm of Tyler Perry.