A Further Gesture Review

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Sean Dowd is a convicted IRA terrorist who breaks out of jail and goes into hiding in New York City. While working at a restaurant he is stabbed, co-worker Tulio and his sister Monica nurse him back to health. Monica and he fall in love, while he starts to realise that Tulio is a Guatemalan freedom fighter, who could use his expertise.


Arriving in the sorry wake of The Devil's Own, this Stephen Rea vehicle, directed by Robert Dornhelm, is the better IRA-man-in-New-York film. But it's still unconvincing stuff: Rea is the IRA man who escapes from a Belfast jail in a violent jailbreak and goes to ground in New York City, where he falls in with Guatemalan freedom fighters and by offering to help them, effectively risks recapture and/or death for the love of a good woman (Rosana Pastor). The script is wishy-washy, the climactic action is clumsy, and Rea has got to stop making these woolly balaclava films. Now.

A weak script and poor action sequences make for a mediocre movie.