Gazon maudit Review

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After learning of her husband's infidelities, a housewife invites an itinerant lesbian to move in with them. None of their lives will ever be the same again.


Known as French Twist on its UK release. Slimy estate agent Laurent (Alain Chabat) is smugly cheating on his beautiful wife, Loli (Victoria Abril), with every woman in town, but when she is seduced by a cigar-smoking lesbian (Josiane Balasko), who then moves into the family home, Laurent has to re-think and re-organise his life. There are some superb one-liners and many a hearty chuckle to be had as Balasko’s film starts with a funny, upbeat look at marriage, friendship, sex, jealousy and double standards. It’s a shame, then, that plot should ultimately eclipse character and needlessly tie up every loose end into one big, floppy and unconvincing bow.

Light and inoffensive