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In the future, Kable (Gerard Butler), a convict, is mentally linked with a player who controls him in a violent, live-action computer game. He tries to escape from the program and hook up with the resistance to the schemes of megalomaniac games tycoon Castle (Michael C. Hall).


The Neveldine/Taylor team, of the Crank movies, deliver another sci-fi mash-up, scrambling elements from eXistenZ and The Running Man in a busy, exciting, slide down the cutting edge.

Given that Jason Statham has already played an unjustly-convicted death row gladiator out to beat the system in Death Race, N/T have to use the less instantly charismatic Gerard Butler as a blank icon hero, but Six Feet Under/Dexter star Michael C. Hall finally gets a worthy movie role as an eccentric puppet-master villain.

It’s not as immediately gripping as Crank and has one crucial lapse of imagination – the main game seems like a conventional first-person shooter – but has astonishing moments (Hall miming to Sammy Davis Jr as his choreographed kill-squad batter Butler) and concepts.

An injection of adrenaline straight to the eye – which isn’t entirely a bad thing.