Gambit Review

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Harry attempts to charm the beautiful Nicole to act as a distraction to an Arab Millionaire so that he can perform his last great heist.


In this peculiarly mild but charming caper dug up from the heyday of Michael Caine’s stardom, the Cockney actor reworks Harry Palmer into a gentleman thief manipulating/romancing sweet Shirley MacLaine into distracting lascivious Arab-tycoon Herbert Lom because she’s a dead ringer for his dead wife. Meanwhile, Caine can filch his priceless Egyptian bust from its supposedly impregnable berth. Stalwart British director Ronald Neame (strong on mid-range thrillers like The Poseidon Adventure and Hopscotch) makes much of his swish locations — Hong Kong and Morocco — and pretty faces, but 
the long-winded script cramps the fun.

Charming performances but the thriller elements to this crime caper are diffused by a rambling script.