FX: Murder By Illusion Review

Image for FX: Murder By Illusion

Hollywood special effects genius Rollie Tyler is given his toughest test yet when he is hired to fake the death of a real-life mafioso, looking for a way out into the witness protection programme.


The title of this above average mob thriller leaves little to the imagination. Here goes. Special effects man Rollie Tyler (Bryan Brown), is recruited to help stage the fake death of a mafia don who wants to rat on his organised crime pals, and then finds himself pursued by hoods and cops, and having to rely on his movie magic skills to defend himself. No doubt you already worked that out for yourself.

With Brown’s uncharismatic hero backed up by the king of hammy 80s concepts Brian Dennehy’s lumbering, interesting cop-on-the-case, and enough plot twists and reversals to keep you going, this is probably more satisfying as a video item than it ever was in the theatres.

Enough twists and turns to sustain interest.