Funny About Love Review

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Middle-aged cartoonist Duffy Bergman explores his panic about the possibility of parenthood with the two women in his life--estranged wife Meg and new girlfriend Daphne.


Not actually funny about anything, this has Gene Wilder spending nearly two hours worried because he can’t have a baby, going through two equally dreary wives and indulging his penchant for crass sentimentality.

Intestesting enough, it was originally filmed with Farrah Fawcett as a former Delta Gamma, but after poor audience testing the film was re-edited just prior to its release to remove all of her scenes. Sorry that's about the only interesting thing to report.

Based on an article by Bob Greene about a speaking gig at a sorority girls' convention, this is yet another dreary hymn to parenthood, directed by Leonard Nimoy in an auspicious debut behind the camera, and never even released at the cinema in the UK.

After watching Funny About Love you may deem it unfair to bring a baby into the world