Funny Haha Review

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Marnie is in that limbo year after college where career and romance choices should never be held against you.

It’s all talk, no plot, as twentysomething Marnie (Kate Dollenmayer) treads water in terms of career and romance. She and a random collection of like-minded, surprisingly inarticulate characters stumble their way through sentences in the same way that they stumble through life. This no-budget film pays homage to John Cassavetes, but doesn’t reveal anything of much depth.

Writer-editor-director-actor Andrew Bujalski isn’t without talent, having been named Someone To Watch at the 2004 Independent Spirit Awards. But this debut — which has been kicking around the circuit since 2002 — is little more than a film-festival calling card. Less funny ha ha; more boring ho hum.

Doesn't live up to its name or it's director's promise.