Fun Size Review

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Clever, responsible high school senior Wren (Victoria Justice) sees her Halloween descend into chaos as her babysitting gig goes spectacularly awry.


Britain may be catching up to Hallowe’en but this is an unmistakably American take on trick-or-treating night. Teen TV star Victoria Justice stars as Wren, who’s miffed when she has to babysit on Hallowe’en night. Soon she and her pal April (one-to-watch Jane Levy) are running around town trying to find her little brother instead of flirting at the party of the year. If this stuck to the teen saga this wouldn’t be so bad but Fun Size tries to be all things to all people, with runaway-kid and tearaway-Mom antics thrown into the melting pot. Confused and rarely amusing.

Despite worthy intentions, the end result is a bit of a pumpkin.