Fun in Acapulco Review

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Mike (Elvis) gets sacked from his job on a boat and finds work as a singer, bringing about all the usual sort of punch-ups and rivalry over jobs and broads.


Elvis is a humble traumatised ex-trapeze artist-cum-lifeguard in picturesque, colourful Mexico and he has to sing to make ends meet and sort out his problems.

His main problem is getting off with prim, demure, down-to-earth hotel social directress Ursula Andress and avoiding the temptation of wild, sexy, uninhibited lady bullfighter Elsa Cardenas. Along the way, he gets into a fight with bullies, pals around with a cute hispanic kid who ought to be killed, and sings one terrific, classic number (Bossa Nova Baby) while swiveling his hips, but is forced to do nearly a dozen forgettable pieces of fluff (There's No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car) as he goes.

Elvis Groundhog Day. Elvis Groundhog Day. Elvis Groundhog...