Fubar Review

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Mocumentary about two "everymen" from Alberta, lifelong friends called Terry and Dean. The film looks at friendship, life, and the art of drinking beer like a man.


This faux documentary about two Canadian head-bangers who make Spinal Tap look like the London Philharmonic Orchestra should have been hilarious. But like its acronymic title ('fucked-up beyond all repair'), Michael Dowse's low-budget film is more curiosity than crowd-pleaser.

It works best when contrasting the beer-swilling buffoons with the po-faced people they encounter, with some prize moments arising from greasy-haired Dean's liberal dispensation of sex tips - "You gotta pet the twot" - and the rendition of a feeble joke at a funeral he helped to cause.

On their own, though, the characters are just not detailed enough to be really funny, and, when the story takes an (admittedly bold) twist into drama as Dean faces a sudden tragedy, it's hard to root for such a total cretin.

It got a good reception at Sundance - but, after all, laughing at Canadians is a favourite American pastime.