Frozen Review

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It's two years since the mysterious disappearance of Kath Swarbrick's older sister Annie, but Kath remains haunted by a need to know what happened. When police investigations wind down, Kath continues the search herself.


As Kath investigates Annie's disappearance, is she driven by a sister’s instinct, supernatural forces or the delusions of a disturbed mind? This intriguing British drama offers no easy answers, focusing on the struggle of its working-class protagonist to make sense of a possible clue she sees in a security videotape of her sister.

A move into murder-mystery territory puts the film on more secure ground, but it’s still shrouded in a mist of uncertainty, making it both braver and less satisfying than more traditional fare. Still, it has a strong cast, an eerie atmosphere and a stunning performance from Shirley Henderson as childishly seductive Kath — not to mention a killer ending.

Shirley Henderson is on prime child-woman form in this atmospheric, absorbing first feature that’s more intriguing than it is conventionally satisfying.