Freeze Frame Review

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Sean Veil is a paranoid murder suspect who takes to filming himself round the clock to provide an alibi, in case he is ever accused of another crime. Problems arise when the police do come calling and the one tape that can prove his innocence has mysteriously disappeared.


Bela Lugosi famously said that clowns aren't funny in the moonlight, and here rubber-faced comedian Lee Evans proves that comics often do make the creepiest villains.

Between acclaimed performances in Funny Bones and the recent stage production of Beckett's Endgame, Evans shaved his head (and shed his smile) to play Sean Veil, a paranoid social misfit who videotapes himself 24/7, yet still manages to be framed for a brutal murder.

Evans' indelible performance as Veil (a presumed pun on the word surVEILlance) is somewhat let down by a substandard supporting cast, but first-time director John Simpson has a strong idea to work through, a good actor and a great set (a dank Belfast prison) and doesn't squander them - even if the influence of Darren Aronofsky's Pi is perhaps a little too tangible.

The atmosphere is layed on thick, and watching Evans play it straight is a treat. The support cast are sometmie a bit clunky, but there's plenty to enjoy in this paranoid story.