Freestyle Review

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Teenagers from very different sides of the tracks bond through the medium of hip hop dance/basketball hybrid.


Privileged schoolgirl is torn from her studies when a hot urban guy introduces her to a hip new dance-sport scene… It’s a familiar story, but get this — this is British. And it’s about competitive hip-hop street dancing with a basketball. That hasn’t been done before. It’s a shame, then, about the perfunctory script, wooden dialogue and wildly variable performances.

Newcomer Arinze Kene holds the attention as the charismatic Leon, but Lucy Stanhope-Bosumpim fares less well as heroine Ondene, albeit trumping her painful on-screen mother (Suzann McLean) in every scene. Colin Salmon and Alfie Allen pop in to pay their respects, but ultimately, this is too amateurish to win over anyone past puberty. Not even the final tournament scene can deliver: the elusive dream move is — wait for it — a handstand.

Apart from Arinze Kene, the male lead, the stilted performances here, are enough to put anyone off.