Fred: The Movie Review

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Fred (Cruickshank) has a crush on Judy (Lott), the girl next door who he's been stopped from seeing by the neighborhood bully Kevin (Weary), who thwarts his attempts to see her. When Fred discovers that Judy has moved, he embarks on a quest to track her down...


Fred is Lucas Cruickshank’s brainchild; a webcam-savvy kid with a hyper-spasticity for calling dogs “squirrels” and showering in a car wash. A YouTube sensation, his three-minute freak-outs are here extended by a further 80 minutes. A puerile ‘plot’ sees Fred stalking melodious Judy (popstrel Pixie Lott). But Lott’s girl-next-door no longer lives… next door. Fred, who rescues her (from next next door) goes, like, SCHIZ, in ways unseen since Linda Blair rode a mechanical bed. The main event — Fred’s offensive ‘voice’ — is on a torturous par with Crazy Frog. Singing Aqua. At Guantanamo. Debuting Stateside on Nickelodeon, Fred gets cinematic release here; something even less explicable than his 1.8 million YouTube subscribers.

A fun three minutes on YouTube makes for a bobbins 80 minutes in a cinema. Avoid.