I, Frankenstein Review

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The Frankenstein Monster (Aaron Eckhart) gets caught up in a war between heavenly gargoyles and evil demons. Naberius (Bill Nighy), a demon prince, employs Terra (Yvonne Strahovski), a human scientist, to rediscover Victor Frankenstein’s secrets as part o


If you stitched together the worst parts of Van Helsing, Underworld and Legion then tried to shock them to life with the electric eels from Kenneth Branagh’s Frankenstein, you might get something as twaddlesome as this franchise wannabe Gothic 3D action film from director-writer Stuart Beattie, screenwriter of Pirates Of The Caribbean sequels. For a quarter of its running time, the terrible dialogue – snarled by Eckhart or purred by Nighy – gets laughs but then monotony sets in. Eckhart’s undersized misunderstood monster is a gloomy hero, given less narrative weight than Frankenstein’s lost diary. The busy, repetitive, silly demon-vs-gargoyle 3D battles are likely to give you Frankeneyestrain.

Back to the drawing board for the mad scientists who cobbled this together. Five parts bad to one part camp nonsense.