Foxy Brown Review

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Foxy Brown seeks revenge, when Micheal her cop boyfriend is shot by a pair of gangsters


After a likeably lurid Bond-style titles sequence, with Pam Grier jiving in a series of fabulous outfits, this soul sister on a rampage exploitationer becomes rather makeshift. Foxy is upset because her rotten brother (Antonio Fargas) ratted out her cop boyfriend and got him whacked by the Mob, so she sets out to bring down the baddies. A gruelling scene in which the heroine avenges herself on a pair of rapists sits ill with more comical moments like the humiliation of a crooked judge, but the violence gets entertainingly slapdash in a barroom brawl in a lesbian hang-out or the final castration of the head honky.

Writer-director Jack Hill (Spider Baby) evidently didn't try very hard on this one.