Foxfire Review

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Upstate New York, 1950s. Led by the fiery Legs (Adamson), the all-girl Foxfire gang takes on sexism with fight and smarts.


The second, superior adaptation by Laurent Cantet (The Class) of the Joyce Carol Oates novel — the ’90s version starring Angelina Jolie — superbly recreates the 1950s atmosphere, making its rebellious teenage girl gang a microcosm of the times. It’s overlong but it holds your attention, with a literate, articulate narrative voice and an impressive ensemble of young actresses avenging sexual assaults and liberating themselves from parents, school and convention, ebullient pranking escalating to crime and running wild (reefer madness! car chases!), with heavy consequences.

Cantet's latest is long but never drags, offering a frequently thrilling evocation of teen lives. Proof that The Class and Time Out were no pan flashes.