Four Days Inside Guantanamo Review

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A documentary that analyses the controversial visits of Canadian officials to Guantanamo to see Khadr.


Drawing on several hours of surveillance footage, this disturbing exposé shows how Canadian agents interrogated 15 year-old Omar Khadr after he was captured in Afghanistan and charged with killing an American sergeant. The first child soldier to be prosecuted for war crimes since World War II, Khadr was subjected to eight years of torture, and Luc Côté and Patricio Henríquez make use of split screens to keep the audience focused on his ordeal while talking heads provide insights. Avoiding the temptation to re-try Khadr on film, this exposes the dynamics of the interrogation sessions and lets Khadr’s coerced confession speak for itself in making his guilty plea bargain seem all the more shockingly unjust.

Revealing injustice through Khadr's own words.