Football Days Review

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Emerging from jail as an amateur psychologist, Ernesto Alterio decides to form a football team to help his buddies solve their various problems.


Fresh from scripting the rom-comic musical The Other Side Of The Bed, David Serrano sticks to the ensemble formula for his directorial bow. However, this study of male foibles lacks its predecessor’s insight and places too much emphasis on contrivance and slapstick.

As most of the squad are stereotypical Spanish males (whose predictable passions render them largely unworthy of sympathy), their rites of passage lack originality — although Alberto San Juan’s on-off relationship with Alterio’s sister proves fitfully amusing. Everyone enters into the spirit, but neither the feelgood nor the fútbol are exactly Primera Liga.

Forced feel-good comedy about Spanish men being more passionate about football than their families. Everyone tries hard, but it's obvious.