Flamenco Review

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In a hall filled with performers of all ages and abilities, we are taken through the very different types of flamenco, and the various origins of the dance movement.


With the 'flamenco trilogy' of Blood Wedding, Carmen and A Love Bewitched to his credit, Carlos Saura is the undoubted master of the dance movie. Here he seeks to make a permanent record of the various song, dance and guitar-playing styles that have evolved since flamenco emerged in mid-19th century Andalucia.

Consequently, he brought more than 300 artists of differing ages, abilities and nationalities to Seville to perform. But, what may be a glorious celebration to the aficianado becomes a source of frustration to the uninitiated. While the dance is as impressive as you'd expect, it's impossible to tell what they're singing about, and what the stories of the dance are telling us.

Music and dance may be universal, but lyrics aren't, and without subtitles we are unable to engage intellectually and emotionally with the performers.