Flame and Citron Review

Image for Flame and Citron

Two members of the Holger danske WW II resistance movement, codenamed Flame and Citron come up against the gestapo in their attempts to undermine the Nazis.


Not a movie about a firefighting lemon, but rather a true-life story about two members of the Danish Resistance in World War II. The red-haired one, code-named Flame, is played by Thure Lindhardt; the other, code-named Citron, by Mads Mikkelsen, who gets sweatier and more ill-looking as the coils of tension tighten.

It’s familiar ground for anyone who’s seen Black Book or Sophie Scholl, but director Ole Christian Madsen steers a skilful course, keeping things grim but not to an off-putting extent, bringing a David Lynch-esque vibe to Flame’s hotel dalliances with a shady lady and pulling off an incredible death scene for one of the leads.

As you'd imagine this is not exactly a laugh a minute, but whilst a little shapeless in places, it manages to engage and inform on many levels.