Firestorm Review

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Smoke jumping firefighter Jesse Graves parachutes into a forest blaze in order to save ornothilogist Jennifer and a number of trapped firemen. However, Jesse's task gets much harder when he discovers that the "firemen" are in fact criminals trying to recover stolen cash.


Broad-shouldered, wide-chinned American athletic hunk Howie Long would seem to be suited by name and acting talent to Dirk Diggler movies, but this vehicle is an attempt to launch him as an action hero. Long plays a "smoke-jumper", a fireman who specialises in parachuting into forest fires, and the Cliffhanger/River Wild-style plot has him come up against escaped convict William Forsythe and his diminishing band of henchman against the backdrop of a huge fire. Suzy Amis as an ornithologist trapped in the blaze and Scott Glenn in his old role from Backdraft are stalwart and Forsythe overacts wildly, but the dreary Long renders all the spectacle senseless.

Real trees died for this film.