Fireball Review

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Twin brothers find themselves caught up in extreme basketball and the Thai gangster underworld.


Unfortunately not a film based on the game invented by Joey Tribbiani, this mostly routine Thai actioner mixes sports movie clichés, martial arts moves, melodramatic excess and gangster claptrap in the kind of movie Van Damme made in the ’80s.

The ‘fireball’ of the title is basketball where you only need one basket to score — the twist is you can kick, punch, mame or kill the other team by any means necessary. The serviceable fight sequences see Tai (Preeti Barameeanat) and his rag-tag band of teammates (all of them get risible back stories) take on all comers, unsurprisingly in slow-motion rain, with a final showdown too dark to see.

Run-of-the-mill Thai action/gangster affair but with basketball thrown into the mix.