Final Destination 3 Review

Image for Final Destination 3

A high school senior (Winstead) has a premonition of a fatal accident at an amusement park that involves her and her friends, but as in earlier instalments of this franchise, dodging fate has its price.


This time, the plot kicks off with a premonition of a rollercoaster accident – it was a plane crash and a motorway pile-up in the first two films – but unfolds identically, with the kids who miraculously escaped death getting splattered in freak accidents which seem to be the work of malign fate.

Essentially, the whole Final Destination franchise is like the Chuck Jones’ Road Runner and Coyote toons, with the same joke being told over and over in ever-more elaborate ways, with punchlines that are as painful as they are spectacular. Luckily it’s a good joke, and this threequel – which brings back series creators James Wong and Glen Morgan – keeps up the standards of decent characterisation. Among the featured unsafe workplaces: a tanning salon, a DIY warehouse and a gym...

Sequelcraft 101 – if you liked the others, this is more of the same. Extra points for using a nailgun on pigeons.