Final Destination 2 Review

Image for Final Destination 2

A year on from the doomed Flight 180 aircrash, Death unleashes his plan to pick off a new set of good-looking teenagers by the most elaborate means possible.


Less a sequel, more a retread, Final Destination 2 replays all the riffs and rhymes of the 2000 horror sleeper, from its malicious delight in carefully orchestrated death right down to its smallest in-jokes - the character's surnames are again those of famous horror movie icons (Kimberly Corman, Tim Carpenter).

Things get off to a bone-crunching start with a spectacular multi-car pile-up that sets Death's plan in motion. Early on, director Ellis delivers some deliciously overwrought accidents but as the plot unravels - in particular a chase to find a pregnant woman whose unborn baby can upset Death's applecart - the invention runs out of steam and into bluntness.

While the new set of victims fails to generate the empathy of the original line up, the action veers between enjoyably ludicrous plot exposition - a scene where the protagonists reveal their relationship to the original Flight 180 is priceless - and a no-doubt-intentional sense of camp.

If it lacks the novelty factor and artfully constructed mayhem of the original, FD2 still manages to be enjoyably silly Friday night fright fare.